Family Vacation in Colorado

Immediately after Mission Camp Concluded, we traveled to Colorado for a week’s visit with my family.  Our kids and all of their cousins have summer birthdays, so we celebrated in our annual style of having one combined birthday on my dad’s (Grandpa’s) birthday. While in Colorado we met with several family members and friends to invite them onto our support team. We are so blessed to have a supportive family as we make this transition. While we were in Colorado, my sister Laurel and her husband Jack left to celebrate their 10th anniversay.  The day before they left, she discovered she likely had a form of Leukemia, but they went ahead on their trip anyway. When they returned, it was confirmed. This news is obviously shocking; Laurel has always been the most healthy and fit one in our family. She immediately began treatment. We’re holding onto the hope that her form of Leukemia is one that has a high cure rate. She has a long road of treatment ahead of her, and we appreciate prayers for her, Jack, and their two kiddos as they adjust to this new reality.