One Prayer – by students, for students

I’m loving the series we are going through in Journey right now.  This morning was week two of “One Prayer” (an idea totally ripped off from something LifeChurch.Tv used to do a few years ago). Each week three or four students share their “One Prayer” with our group, essentially answering the question, “If you have one prayer for our student ministry, what would it be?”  After sharing some stories, thoughts and scriptures, they lead the entire student body in a prayer about this one thing.

It’s awesome because students get to share what’s really on their hearts with their peers.  And as my friend, Bob Diehm, would say, we had some “New Testament Church.”

We were treated this morning with Drew’s ornithopter (paper bird) as he described how faith, tension, and scripture guide him everyday in his relationship with Jesus. Love it!  Kellan and Miguell also shared their one prayers today; both were amazing!

IMG_20120527_120550There are a lot of mistakes I’ve made in youth ministry over the years, but giving space and time for students to lead their peers is not one of them.  If anything, I should have done this more.

One more week of “One Prayer” next Sunday.  Also looking forward to welcoming a new class of 6th Graders – It’s Step Up Sunday!  I can’t wait to hear what some of my other young friends have to say about their one prayer for our community.