Unexpected Twist to a Birthday Party

When the Royals baseball schedule came out this spring, Kyron identified a home game scheduled on his birthday (August 31) and announced he wanted to celebrate by going. It sounded like a great idea, and so we let Kyron invite his two best buddies (one from church and one from school). As luck would have it, the day of Kyron’s birthday was the same day remnants of Hurricane Isaac made its way to Kansas City, and a deluge of rain (which our city really needed) canceled the game.
BowlingFortunately, we had a gift card to a local family entertainment center, so we took the disappointed game-goers out for a night of laser tag and bowling!
Laser TagAnd as you can see by these pictures, the disappointment didn’t last for long.

The highlight was getting to play laser tag with the kids, something none of them had ever done before. We enjoyed it so much we played twice!

We ended up taking the whole crew to the game which was rescheduled for the next afternoon. Unfortunately we had to choose different seats because of the forced double-header.
The best equivilant of seats we could find were the fountain seats in the outfield.

Baseball Game

They were still pretty good, but nowhere near the foul ball territory Kyron was really hoping to sit. The game was drizzly for the first half. During the middle of the 6th inning, I decided to walk the boys down to the Pepsi Porch for some closer action. The porch was mostly filled with Twins fans, and a cool surprise happened when one of them gave each of the boys a Royals hat he received with his tickets. The best part of the day, though, was when we walked back to our original seats for the final inning. As we walked past the Royals bullpin, one of the Royals players tossed a ball up to a fan, who completely missed it.  I caught it! And Kyron got his ball after all!