We have something exciting to share

We have something exciting to share!

This past April (2012) we told our church I have accepted a position at Youthfront, an organization in Kansas City.  Youthfront is an organization I have admired ever since we moved to Kansas City. It connects and serves students through venues such as camps, mission trips, and hunger-relief projects among others. Beginning in October, I will be the Program Director at the “West” camp which serves middle school students and pre-adolescents.   I feel privileged about joining this team and using my skills and passions to impact the lives of nearly 2000 students each summer!

Deciding to make this transition was a huge step for Sheila and me.  One of the biggest reasons is that staff members at Youthfront rely on the financial support of others to fund their positions. It’s kind of like being a missionary.   I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t make us a little nervous.  At the same time, Sheila and I believe this is the right direction for the next season of our lives.  Before making the announcement, we shared about the opportunity with a few close friends and family members. The overwhelming affirmation we received from them helped us solidify the decision.

As we enter into the summer months, Sheila and I will begin building our support team.  Our goal is to be 100% funded by September 30.  Taking a step like this has amped up our faith in God.  We eagerly anticipate watching how God will provide for us as well as connect people to a significant organization like Youthfront.